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As the founders of TicketGuardian, which is now the leading InsurTech startup in the live events space, we looked at our initial offering and decided it was best to launch a new subsidiary of the company focused solely on customer facing products: FanShield, RegShield, and Full Attendee as new consumer-facing products that give policy owners better coverage for both ticketed live events, and registered events.

FanShield is an insurance product for fans with tickets to live events. The policy protects ticket holders should one of several covered perils prevent them from attending their scheduled event, including festivals, concerts, and sporting events.  Having insurance in place helps event-goers secure peace of mind when buying tickets well in advance. It also protects them from having to find and purchase tickets within days or hours of an event, when prices are higher, and seating choices, more limited.  RegShield, will cover events that require registration, including marathons, fun runs, conferences and camps, which typically ask attendees to provide extensive, detailed information to participate.  FanShield and RegShield each stand to benefit TicketGuardian's partners, as ticketing and registration platforms often provide one of the services but not both. TicketGuardian expects the differentiating policy types will yield even stronger conversions and improve the checkout flow for fans and registrants alike.

FanShield just like its parent company was created by fans for fans. Our entire team loves going to live events and lives for those experiences, but we understand that in an industry where the best tickets go on sale weeks, if not months in advance, that we don’t always have control over what life throws at us. We want to go to that concert, watch our favorite team, let our hair down at that festival, BUT life happens and the unexpected can come up. That’s where we come in. For a few bucks, you can buy peace of mind and protect your investment.


for FANS:

We get it.  Your favorite artist or team just released their schedule and its not a matter of "if" you will go its merely "who is coming with!"  We also know that most often you are buying these tickets weeks if not months in advance and I don't know about you but I don't even know what I am going to eat for dinner tonight not to mention what I am doing next weekend.  That is why we build FanShield as we ARE Fans and wanted to build something for people like us.

Today, the way we define success and what we save our hard earned pennies for is different than that of our parents generation. A big house with a white picket fence sounds great and all, but our generation is far more interested in investing in our experiences as we care about and remember the moments that define us, not necessarily the things that defined our former generations. We want to live for the now while still keeping an eye on the future, and we do that through experience, concerts, festivals, and sports in order to create those memories. And of course none of it counts unless we can be physically present (and document on Instagram of course) and that’s why FanShield is here to protect the investments that you make when you buy tickets to that once in a lifetime festival or so that you witness your favorite athlete’s historic game.


If you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or attending a conference or otherwise we have created a custom protection product to protect your Registration.  

RegShield was built specifically for you. The reality is, you prepare farther in advance, train harder, run longer, and make more effort because you’re a participant, a runner, a panel speaker and your intentions are other than just observing as a ticket holder. Truly, your experiences are vastly different than just buying a ticket to watch a sporting event or attend a concert. Because we too are athletes, business people, virtual enthusiasts, we created this protective product just for you, so that you’re offered the peace of mind you need when starting your marathon training, scheduling your conference attendance, or for whatever event you’re registering. Having the choice to protect yourself isn’t something new, it’s just something we’re finally bringing to the registration space because we believe in your right to get a refund for that pulled hammy, don’t you?





Our vision from Day One has been to disrupt the ticketing insurance space. Therefore we challenged the norm to help build the full attendee protection coverage which truly offers customers peace of mind in a historically non-refundable industry. With that mission in mind, we power the only 100% Attendee Protection policy on the market. The full protection allows the attendee to get their money back if they cannot attend for ANY reason and only requires simple supporting documentation to get your money back. We set out to break the typical competitor offering. Our full attendee protection is not limited to unforeseen emergencies, so if can't attend? don't worry as you're covered, no matter the reason as long as it's within the open peril timeframe allotted on our Full Attendee Terms & Conditions. The 100% Attendee Protection is reserved for event organizers and ticketing platforms that will include this coverage with every ticket sold for an event