Our standard ticketguardian protection is what is called "enhanced" from the our competitors in the industry.  With our standard protection we cover more than a handful of perils that traditionally keep attendees from getting to the event, from car accidents and severe weather, to family emergencies, or even the common cold and other medical issues. Like our competitors, on this protection type, we will need documentation to approve most claims, but we make the claims process as simple as possible and give the attendees the ability to just upload their documentation online, making it as convenient as possible.


Our vision from Day One was to disrupt the space and offer something that has never been offered to truly bridge the gap between customer’s peace of mind and the non-refundable industry that is events and ticketing. With that mission in mind, we created our 100% Attendee Protection protection that allows the attendee to get their money back if they cannot attend for ANY reason. We wanted to break the restrictions of “normal” and offer a protection that, both, does not require any documentation and is not limited to unforeseen emergencies, but just things that can happen in everyday life. Our 100% Attendee Protection only has one caveat, and that is that it must be offered on all tickets sold to offset the claims losses of those attendees who cannot make the event. 



Often attendees travel to the events, festivals, or shows and make a vacation out of it which has significant additional costs including: flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. all pre-reserved if not purchased with no refunds within 48-72hrs in advance. TRIPGUARANTEE can be purchased independent or combined with any of our other products to offer a complete vacation or trip protection to ensure that your next trip is protected from the unknown and keeps you focused on what umbrella drink you will be having by the hotel pool! 

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